When Should You Consult A Thyroid Specialist For Your Thyroid Issues?

Your family physician is hopefully efficient enough to help you take care of your conditions, in most cases. However, there are situations when you might get help from a specialist. And issues with thyroid gland are something that shouldn’t be ignored. The most common issue with thyroid gland is hypothyroidism that requires a synthetic thyroid hormone replacement medicine to make up the deficiency and the primary care doctor can handle such a situation. But there might be thyroid complications that need you to consult a thyroid specialist homeopathy doctor in Kolkata and some of them are as follows:

thyroid specialist homeopathy doctor in Kolkata
  • When hypothyroidism doesn’t get better even after regular treatment and medication - If you have been taking thyroid medicine for quite a long time but can’t see any notable improvement, you might need to see a specialist. For some people with hypothyroidism, finding the right concentration of the medicine is difficult and thus they need a specialist to ensure the right dose of medicine.

  • If there is a thyroid lump or nodule -The thyroid gland is situated just in front of the neck, below the voice box. If you find any nodule, lump or other sort of growth on the gland that you can feel by touching, you must be examined by a thyroid specialist. Though in most cases such growths are benign, they can be sign of something serious as well.

  • If there is goiter or enlarged thyroid gland – Goiter can be described as an enlargement of a part of or the entire thyroid. If you have such an enlargement, talk to a thyroid specialist homeopathy doctor in Kolkata to figure out the reasons behind this and how to treat it in the best possible way.

  • If you have a thyroid issue as a result of pituitary gland disorder – Pituitary gland along with hypothalamus is situated at the base of brain to control body’s hormone production including thyrotropin releasing hormone or TRH that stimulates thyroid gland to produce thyroid hormone. Though rare, sometimes pituitary gland disorder results in thyroid issues. Talk to a thyroid specialist to treat your condition without getting delayed.

  • If you are trying to conceive or pregnant – Thyroid hormone has serious impact on your pregnancy and vice versa. Make sure you know the effects in detail, if you have an overactive or underactive thyroid. Pregnancy can change the hormone levels drastically. On the other hand, if you have issues with thyroid and get pregnant, you must talk to a thyroid specialist and get proper medication so the hormone can be controlled and thus leaves no adverse effect on your pregnancy. You must do the same if you are trying to conceive. Oftentimes, the concentration of thyroid hormone needs to be increased by 25 to 50% to women with thyroid issues while they are pregnant. Remember, untreated hypothyroidism often raises the risk of miscarriage. Even if you are not suffering from thyroid issue, you must get it checked at the onset of pregnancy to avoid any unwanted situation later.

  • These are a few of many conditions when you need to see a thyroid specialist.

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